Sunday, December 25, 2016

Strip Club Buffets: Safest Place To Eat Out In America?

Despite being viewed with an unsavory nature from conservatives, are America’s strip club buffets the safest place to eat out from a health inspectors’ perspective? 

By: Ringo Bones 

Since 2010, strip club buffets across America have received favorable – as in 100-percent rating - health inspection ratings from state-level restaurant health inspectors. Even back when David Letterman was still hosting the Late Show often joked about it that he’d rather eat at a strip joint buffet to avoid a norovirus infection. But why are strip club buffets remained America’s safest place to eat from a health perspective for a little over 6 years? 

Given that such places are viewed with an unsavory nature from America’s conservatives and prudes, this had spurred on strip club owners to put it upon them to keep their buffets as sanitary as humanly possible. Thus, these places have become the cleanest places to eat out in America and strip joint buffets are even spared from the norovirus epidemic of 2014 which appear to specifically target cruise ship buffets. And according to a recent interview of various health inspection boards across America, other places that can compete with strip club buffets in terms of sanitary ratings are Italian restaurants.

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