Sunday, March 29, 2015

What Are The Most “Popular” Restaurant Pet Peeves?

Even if you only dine out on occasion have you ever wondered some the “most popular” restaurant pet peeves that could even be disconcerting to the most intrepid restaurant connoisseur? 

By: Ringo Bones 

I admit I only seldom get peeved during the time I frequently dine out back in my more affluent days during the Clinton-era dot-com boom before it went bust, but fortunately, it seems that what bursts my bubble has most in common to the six “most popular” restaurant pet peeves that are still prevalent this day and age. Unfortunately, I think a few of them could even make the most intrepid working restaurant critic go ballistic faster that a 1950s era Saber jet go supersonic. 

Pests on food is the probably the most unnerving of the restaurant pet peeves. Unless of course you are checking out an insect serving restaurant whose entomological cuisine are approved by the local agricultural or health department, this is indeed a really risky business – especially for health reasons - for those who dine out. 

Nasty bathrooms that is way dirtier in comparison to a “closed for maintenance” public latrine in a Nairobi slum. If the bathroom is this dirty, imagine how dirty the kitchen could be – so goes the old adage that proves true time and time again. 

Restaurant with crappy table layout – I mean with the emphasis on “crappy” especially if you are assigned a dining table within a smelling distance of the bathroom, never mind the trash bin. From a “Western perspective”, crappy table arrangements are endemic in the Chinese restaurant world adhering to the arcane and rigmaroley geomancy of Feng Sui. Sadly, only liberal Jewish restaurant critics proudly voice out such kerfuffle – Feng Sui-Schmeng Sui indeed. 

Disorganized reservation queues where the 27th person behind you suddenly gets front in line just because he or she is cozy with the owner. In my own experience, restaurant establishment like these usually takes 18 months to go bankrupt before their regular patrons can take no more of the owner’s 22 year old Kim-Jong-Un-like son demands royal service or else – I say 18 months is too long to wait for a “ people’s revolution”. 

Noisy and disruptive customers can be disconcerting to the most intrepid outdoor diner. Ever notice those kids throwing tantrums whose belligerence rivals that of leading Islamist terror groups like Boko Haram or ISIS? Thus the rise of child-free restaurants in France five years ago that is still growing and growing. 

Late and forgotten orders and forgotten orders you are billed but never got. This probably takes the cake as the top restaurant pet peeves, forget tipping, if this is how a particular restaurant stays in service, maybe the proprietor doing money laundering services for the local mob is the more economically viable option.